Vice-President’s Address at the valedictory ceremony of United Nations Forum on Forests- Country Led Initiative by India

27 OCT 2023 : Honorable Governor Uttarakhand lieutenant General, Gurmeet Singh, you heard him, his passion, his commitment, his emotive involvement very impressive. The General has sagacity of a General but works with sprit of a soldier. He is a man who catalyzes positive change and forest is one passion which I shaw in last two days.

We had very in depth analysis of what had happened during last two days in your deliberations from madam Juliette Biao Koudenoukpo, Director, United Nations Forum on Forests. she spelt out in great detail what a travesty the challenges we are facing and what could be the way out.

We had Mr. Goyal from the union government who spelt out with clarity sound commitment track record and achievements and the role which we all are distinct to play. Dignitaries on the dais of the dais representatives our friends for from foreign countries everyone present in the audience that includes my wife.

Namaskar, on this the General has already reflected it conveys be our sublime respect to those whom we address, Experienced divinity, sublimity, serenity and pristine environment ever since my wife and myself landed in Dev Bhumi yesterday, and I am sure, delegates from abroad would have similarly experience, this is very different land on the planet and from the prospective of the issues with you deliberated this has real relevant.

my visit to Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath are ever etched in our memory I am sure if you have not been there you will spare time to be there and you will get enlightened and very different sense many in the world who are heading great organizations have been very creative in the vocation at the occasion to get inspiration, motivation from this land.

friends the issue that you address in last 2 days as a global reunification I along with my wife avail the divine opportunity at these holly places they mark our civilizational ethos and essence to seek peace and happiness for all living wings on the planet I am not limiting to the humanity this planet is not exclusive to the humanity this planet is home to large number of living being, they are precious we can not permit them to go extinction.

Friends, it is Absolute delight to be here at the illustrious Forest Research Institute Dehradun for the valedictory session, The contributions of FRI in India and abroad have been immeasurable which have been nerve centre, epicenter of affirmative changes when it comes to the environment and forest FRI has long been a sanctuary of knowledge and innovation in the realm of forestry. And I am sure the that challenge at the world is facing at the moment this is the right place that can engage in innovation , research, directional approach on the focused areas FRI has not only been instrumental in advancing scientific research and technological applications in forestry but also stands as a premier training academy for the officers of the Indian Forest Service and there ones who will catalyse positive situations in Bharat and my foreign friends will be happy to know we are one sixth of the humanity. congratulations to the ministry of environment forest and climate change for facilitating this crucial and impact full event you had the director general and the honorable minister is also very passionate about this he is in a missionary zeal, he is working in overdrive to accomplish what is calling me here today is critical need of the planet, in this country which is home to one sixth of the humanity, we are lucky to living in the times which is Amritkaal, that is my friends abroad can note 75 years of our independence and this Amritkall forest is a Gauravkall there are many aspects where we can take pride in our epochal achievements that is wearing also the issue which you address during last 2 days.

Honorable Governor indicated about rise of Bharat,India you will re collect just about India was counted as fragile 5 economies that were in some sense burden on the globe where we have come now in 2022 as the Honorable Governor stressed we became the world’s fifth largest global economy in the process we overtook UK and France.

There are all indications that by turn of the decade by 2030 we world have overtaken the economies of Japan and Germany to be third largest economy of the world. this accomplishment by Bharat India in turn cast on the nation great obligation to secure synergetic response for tackling issues that have been faced by the planet. we have been acknowledged by global outfits including IMF to brightest destination for the investment and opportunities our digital penetration and spread has stunned the world- our digital transactions in 2022 being four times of the US, UK, France and Germany. Our per capita internet data utilisation during 2022 has been more than the combine of US and China. Growth trajectory of Bharat and other nations can be secured only when all on the planet are aware of existential challenges. Growth trajectory of Bharat and other nations can be secured only when all on the planet are aware of existential critical challenges and that is the writing on the wall, may be few decade ago, the issue was not taken seriously but now every one has come to know about the challenge the planet is facing and the draconian consequences it can have, it is heartening a positive development the nations of the world are converging with positive mindsets to find the solution to these problems and the deliberations you have are part of that but friends a brief reference was made by the Honorable Governor for thousand of years our history our civilizational ethos they conversion of one aspect which is in Sanskrit is known as Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam When India got the presidency of the G20 a remarkable vent at a critical time in the history of the planet we have a motto for that and the Moto was we take the world take as one Earth one family one future.

friends what you addressed what you deliberated what you work to find resolutions is to secure this if the nations of the world can believe this is one Earth one family one future the challenges that are staring us at the faces will not affect an individual nation they will affect planet as such like Covid which was unknown challenge to every part of the globe every part of the society this challenge is for most severe critical then kovid challenge.

The apt theme for G20 went a long way. I was associated as Vice President and interacted with global leaders. They came out with the Delhi Declaration, I would be making reflections only to the extent it is a quiet for your deliberations, great accomplishment the declaration recognised the importance of collective action in tackling environmental challenges and climate change. Our forests are not merely a resource but also encompass the cultural, spiritual and intellectual heritage of the country Forests are our lungs. Our life line. People dependent on forests have to be nurtured, maintaining balance.

Forests besides providing habitats for animals and livelihoods for humans, forests also offer watershed protection, prevent soil erosion and mitigate climate change.

These are much more than reservoirs of biodiversity, they are also the lifeline of millions of our citizens, especially the tribal and forest-dependent communities.

Friends, It is imperative that we strike a delicate balance between development and conservation, ensuring that our forests continue to thrive while meeting the development requirements of our citizens. Conservation, though critical and crucial, cannot be isolated from the well-being of communities that rely on forest resources.

Sustainable development and containing climate change are quintessential to a secure future. These challenges in a sense are existential. Forests,covering third of all land on Earth, breathe life into our world. providing us with oxygen, shelter, jobs, water, nourishment and fuel. India is one of the world’s most-biodiverse countries and among the few countries that have managed to increase its forest and tree cover, and that too in harmony with rapid growth in the economy.

Friends the people therefore must be like enlightened that forest apart from that all we know out of common sense are the largest store houses of the carbon after the oceans observing greenhouse gases from the air and lock it away above and blow the ground it is no surprise in a scenario like this if we damage forest if we cut forest we release whose amount of carbon emission that contribute to climate crisis we all need to realise that forest are climate solution one of the impactful resolute acceptable solution to climate change forest providers carbon sink carbon Singh that observes up to 2.4 billion metric ton carbon each year can be afford while being the cross roads of these great problems to ignore such a vital impact the forest have been our lives there urgent need and this is specific to world and more specific to my country we must resonate and nurture our ponds and our forest land that is not a large area in every village and small community in India in Africa in South America you will find there will be forest land it will be home to cattle which will take care of several issues this country this is a campaign we have decided there is a significant accomplishment to have 75000 Amritsar over more than 50000 are already in existence the United nation forum on forest if the world has achieved something great we need a global body United nation is unique in performing this task and this particular forum on forest exemplifies the synergy resulting from focus collective actions serving as a beacon of and the platform for nation to come together share knowledge and force partnership to more sustainable future.

I am sure the delegates who take home several of solutions by our affirmative policies which are providing in Bharat to solve the problem, today deliberations and the themes very thoughtfully selected is a challenge We are stern we are flabbergasted that in spite of the technological advancement we have made how we are suffering forest fires even the most developed nation are unable to find quick solution these theme forest fire wildfire this is very technical it has to be addressed and the resolution found in a multi layer approached Technology being one of them people making people aware is another sustaining forest in the right manner and you would know more about it I am not expert you all here are and the second thing is the forest certification and sustainable forest management nothing can be more critical I said more than a billion people I can say more than population of India ⅙th of the humidity all over the world we have this population life livelihood existence of this people is dependent on the forest and therefore I congratulate the United Nation for human forest.

The officials of the Government of India for having very imaginatively thought of these two things that are of great contemporaneous relevant not to our country but to the world at large all over the world will find one thing the under privilege and financially weaker section of the community they often bear and they bear the most, they bear severally front of nature’s Fury. In our country fortunately we have developed ecosystem because of scientific growth technological application that if we are visited with natural calamities we want the people well in advance our sanitized of the vulnerable presence officer manner otherwise it is limited but then that is one way. How to ensure the problem does not arise is a critical issue can there be predictability of that can we use science to a level where we can find resolution of the serious issue and other aspect the world over and our constitution in particular provides for it equitable distribution of resources and social justice which means the governance must be of a kind that impacts the last man in the line it changes the life for the better of that category of the people who have lost hope by series of steps in last decade India performance is phenomenal it has been of a label which could not be imagined or dream of I say so because it was in 1989 I came to associated with government after being elected to parliament to the house of the people at the part of the government was the big changes as taken place but more is required to be done friends distributive social justice is not only for governance it is for every person in the planet to issue or it he or she has to perform his or her duty and that is giving back to the society something which is vital deforestation habitat fragmentation encroachment of human activities pause significant critical dangerous threat to our rich biodiversity we have made a serious effort in our country that we need to nurture biodiversity preserve it and recreate it if he we can we owe it to the future generations that we are merely trustees at the moment we cannot afford to compromise our future generation by our reckless approach exploitation of natural resources we all are bound to engaged in optimal of utilisation of natural resources the world over there has to be thought process that you are fiscal power cannot be correlated to consumption on utilisation of natural resources fortunately we are finding other ways also so that are dependence on economic front or natural resources is declined take the energy sector renewal energy sources alternate sources of energy.

My foreign friends would appreciate, this also take a serious geo political aspect to occasions energy has become the other method to wepanization everyone has to be work together to find a solution so that all mighty have given us we generalize that exploit that and fractify that.
On top of these are challenges the climate change exasperate these challenges and this is what you have addressed frequent forest fire alternate for patterns all over the world you see desert area are being faded the pattern has been change these are issues that chase the ecosystem in a manner with the humidity will take time to adjust so rather than I just fall pray become a victim of this big change let us find a solution I can assure you the world has enough interact.
Nations have enough worth if they converge they find a solution what is more important they need to relies there is a problem facing us implementation of univertive Technologies is required to be there satellite monitoring is one such way I can tell you it be a grade Pride India became the first country on the planet to land on the south pole of the moon but what is the more important is our ISRO a great scientific output has contributed massively by putting satellite of other countries in the space who are engaged into resolution of issues which you discussed and including of those country that are very developed because ISRO is a good value for money and has scientifics sharper cutting edge sustainable development few years ago was just How was the slogan last 10 year in India we have realised it into the ground the business National clean air program swachh Bharat mission and in the green India mission they are testament to the foresightness visionary approach of prime minister Narendra Modi who has a passion to work for humanity he has a vision that is inconsonance with Vasudev kutumbkam with one Earth one family one future and then is quick at execution this is happened India’s focus on climate and environmental action is highlighted by the launch of ambitious green credit program to incentivise environmental friendly activities this is turning out to be a game changer initially it started in slow pace now be look at credit your economy is enhanced in the process there is a gain for larger humidity life style for environment and prime minister has very pressured about it he has focused on this in his monthly MAN KI BAAT he has focused on this in the parliament he has focused on this in global forum and that is a flexive initiative globally launch by the prime minister two years ago it is fructify into geometric results our mitigation strategy emphasize on clean and efficient energy system safe and smart sustainable green mass urban transportation network friends if you spend few days here you will find our mass transportation system is one of the best in the world those who have been to this country today 2 decades ago will not be able to even appreciate was it there ever connectivity all the all these go also in favour of environmental preservation as the world fastest growing economy India’s focused on energy sector it is important for all.

India is committed and this is part of the issue which you discussed to clean energy and environment by 2030 will be generated by renewable sources. There was a time when we use to wait for years and decades to adopt the technology of the world now we are in the front of using this technology and this technology that makes our environment expect under control let me let me illustrated by one example the National green hydrogen mission with initial outlay of 19000 crore approved by the cabinet in January 2022 aims to accelerate the deployment of Green Hydrogen as a clean energy source. No countries applying this are not in double digit but this offers Avenue for employment Avenue for entrepreneurs a venue for industrial business and scare of the challenges on climate change and environment India took the lead for the solar alliance established headquarters next to national capital of Delhi so several initiative have been taken. I am sure during the deliberations you would have thought of many more innovative steps out of the box solutions to the great challenge we face.

friends I have no doubt I talk about the principle of trusteeship, this planet to ours we will have to handover this planet to future generations to the extend we can keep it as such if not improved

The decisions we make today will resonate through the ages, shaping the legacy we leave for generations to come. Friends before coming this body of expert this is not my primary area but I just citizen as one of the persons affected I thought over it I kept record for your daily Britain’s also what is happening all over global so I have no doubt I can share my thought with you. For resolute and impactful resolution of environmental challenges and climate chane menace it is imperative that there is synergetic global stance as that is the only option. I am sure the deliberations here over two days would so contribute. Let us pledge to work in togetherness at global level to work for a future where our forests flourish, sustaining life in all its wondrous forms. Let us resolve to using natural resources wisely and optimally [5:56 PM, 10/27/2023] udaypsinghags: How can we allow an individual to use natural resources on the plank of financial affordability it is unjustify able it is in equator it is un acceptable everyone on the planet is required as trusty to use natural resources of timli and I am sure this will happen one of the greatest human beings according to Einstein people can never believe work on the planet the father of this nation Mahatma Gandhi he shares advice I will end by coating him what the father of nation said

‘The earth has enough for everyone’s need, but not for everyone’s greed’.

See it in the context of sinister, pernicious, mechanisms all over the world when they deal with wildlife when they deal with foreign produce I am sure your deliberations would go a long way in shaping a strategy that will help planet at large I am grateful to the organisers are according me this unique rare opportunity to reflect on an issue that touches live of every living beings up on the planet lastly to our foreign delegates do please spare time look around the India I can tell you you will see that kind of culture diversity both in nature and human species which you may not find else on the globe.

Thank you, Thank you so much for your time Jay Hind, Jay Bharat.{PIB}

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